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Environmental protection

Every facility constructed today must comply with environmental legislation. Combining environmental compatibility and profitability in the production plants is our vital objective.

IPRO processes key expertise in emission control, waste water treatment and noise abatement. An essential asset is our profound knowledge of current standards and legislation.

IPRO provides the following services

  • Plant design 
  • Tender process and contracting 
  • Detailed engineering
  • Construction supervision/construction management/coordination
  • Budget control and accounting
  • Commissioning assistance

IPRO is active in the following fields:

Noise protection

  • Sound measurements and sound maps
  • Noise abatement 

Emission control

  • Exhaust air purification plants
  • Treatment of exhaust process gas
  • Chemical scrubbers and biofilters
  • Emissions monitoring 

 Waste water

  • Optimisation of water circuits
  • Waste water pre-treatment plants
  • Anaerobic and aerobic waste water purification plants with nitrification and denitrification